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Height: 22-28  inches  Weight: 65-99 pounds  Color:  pure white

The Slovak Cuvac is a Slovak breed of dog, bred for use as a livestock guard dog. Also known as Slovensky Cuvac, Slovak Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac and Slovensky Kuvac, the breed is closely related to the Hungarian Kuvasz. The dog is known for its hardy constitution, sturdy frame and shaggy white coat. His frame is massive, and his temperament is naturally lively, watchful, undaunted and alert. The Slovensky Cuvac dog is derived from Arctic wolves, whose remains from pre-ice age have been preserved in the mountainous regions of Europe to the edge of the glaciers. These are the north slopes of the Caucasus, the Balkans, specially the Rodope Mountains, the Carpathians, specially the Tatra, the northern slopes of the Abruzzi and Alps and finally the Pyrenees. As a good guard, watch dog and companion as well as guide for the shepherds, the Tatra Chuvach has also proved his worth in the guarding of cattle, driving poultry and other domestic animals to pasture, as well as guarding different objects. Holiday makers visiting the mountain farmers to buy cheese and other products found pleasure in the thickly coated puppies and so transferred the breed to the low-lands. In 1969, the Slovensky Cuvac became recognized internationally. Dogs of this breed are popular companions in Central Europe, but they are still relatively rare. These dogs have various talents, including guarding flock against predators, hunting big game, search and rescue, and border patrol. The Slovensky Cuvac has been recorded in the Foundation Stock Service since February 2009.

General Appearance
The Slovensky Cuvac is a large, furry dog whose big, round head and long muzzle ends with a prominent black nose. The breed has small, oval eyes and small pendant-shaped ears. Slovensky Cuvac have a neck that has the same length as their head, and they have a broad chest with well-sprung ribs. Their belly is slightly sunken in. The muzzle of these dogs is long, and leads to their prominent black nose. The thighs and hips of these dogs are muscular. Their front legs are muscular and straight. They have a long tail that is held down. It is also very bushy with thick white hair. Their thick coat should always be pure white. The white coat has a thick topcoat over a dense undercoat.

The Slovensky Cuvac is a calm and powerful flock guardian. These dogs are fearless and courageous when it comes to defending their pack and their territory. The Slovensky Cuvac is a guard dog who love being around their family and are very loving. The breed especially enjoys being around the children in their families. They do not trust any strangers whether those strangers are people or animals. Guarding and protecting their family or property is their main goal in life. They are intelligent and clever. However, they are difficult and disobedient, especially with weak owners. They can be very stubborn and independent, but these are traits that can be overcome with proper training. The breed is very pushy and dominant, so their owners need to show they are the leaders. Being a consistent and dominant trainer is important especially during training. If their owners are firm, these dogs will be much more obedient.

The Slovensky Cuvac is a difficult dog to groom.  Owners must be prepared to devote much time and effort to caring for the breed’s coat. They have thick hair which sheds a lot, so it should be brushed every day when the dog is heavily shedding. The dense undercoat is like wool and requires vigorous brushing and bathing in the spring.

Health Problems and Life Expectancy
The Slovensky Cuvac has an average life expectancy of about 11 to 13 years of age. There are no genetic health problems associated with this breed. The ailments affecting the Slovensky Cuvac are those affecting other breeds as well.

Activity Level

The Slovensky Cuvac is extremely energetic and athletic. They need to have long walks or runs in a large yard. Playing games or jogging can also be fun activities for them. They need to be kept busy and tired to prevent them from digging or chewing. These dogs should live in a rural area and enjoy being around many farm animal but should not live with a small family in an apartment. They need lots of exercise going on walks and getting to run or play in the yard. They are also not good for owners who are weak, because the dog will become the leader and will be defiant.


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